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Escape (from reality)

As I said in the beginning of this blog I can't write about English books in Finnish. So, here are reviews of a few fantasy/scifi books.
James Dashner: The Maze Runner

"Avoiding other people was his new goal in life"
The Maze Runner is the starter of this series and a truly surprising book. At first I thought it was just another young-adult dystopian novel but I thought wrong. I admit that it has some very clichéd elements but the overall feel is excellent.

The main character is a boy named Thomas. He arrives in an old elevator and ends up surrounded by other boys who have been sent to the same place. The strange thing is that none of them remember anything from their old lives except of their names. The next day the first girl arrives in the maze and messes up everything they thought they knew. Her chilling message makes Thomas wonder whether there even is a solution to the labyrinth. As if that wasn't enough there is something in the maze they all fear, something that comes out at night, the reason no one wants to get lost or left in the maze when nighttime arrives.

I think this is a very well-written novel. The language is fluent but not too difficult and the vocabulary is funnily invented. The best part however is that Thomas is actually quite irritating as is the girl and most of the other boys. That doesn't make the book irritating but, on the contrary, makes it more believable and more exciting. Last but not least I have to mention my favourite character Minho. He's funny, smart and has attitude. I can tell you this, if he dies in the series I'm not responsible for the consequences.

"I want you to look at her till your eyes bleed, see if somethin' gets triggered in that shuck brain of yours."

5 / 6 Dead (for your sake I hope they're dead) Grievers

James Dashner: The Maze Runner, 2009, Delacorte Press, 374 pages

Cassandra Clare: Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Angel is the first installment in the prequel series. The Infernal Devices series takes place in London during the reign of Queen Victoria. The main character is Tessa, an American girl who comes to England looking for her brother. She has a special talent which interests many people who are not always very nice. Tessa is rescued from such people by a handsome young man named Will Herondale who is a Shadowhunter. Clary, I mean Tessa is introduced to a completely different world with vampires and warlocks and other Downworlders. To her shock she finds out that she might not be an ordinary human after all. The Magister on her heels she gets drawn into more and more dangerous situations while at the same time getting to know the two handsome Shadowhunters Will and Jem.

Clockwork Angel is an interesting book even if its characters do resemble those from The Mortal Instruments more than little. The book starts a bit slowly but in the end it's truly a page-turner. It has many unexpected turns along with the basic clichés.

I really liked Clockwork Angel and can't wait to read the next one but I still have to complain a little. Tessa was just as irritating as Clary or in same cases even more so with her awful choices and painfully slow realation of situations. That wasn't even the most annoying part however because that award has already been given to Will Herondale and their almost love affair. Compared to Will, Jace is a completely problem-free individual who can be counted on being open and polite. Will on the other hand is often horrible to others. When Jace is sarcastic and makes fun of people Will is mean and offensive. He also, surprise surprise, has some sort of dark secret. I hate people like that! What is with these main character males who need psychological help? Jem on the other hand I would date in a heartbeat. He's sweet and polite and openly cares for other people. Also, Magnus makes an appearance and I feel a bit bad for him. Nobody listens to his good advice especially not Tessa.

All and all Clockwork Angel was worth the time I spent with it and I recommend it anyone who liked The Mortal Instruments.

4 / 6 Pieces of destroyed automatons

Cassandra Clare: Clockwork Angel, 2010, Walker Books, 448 pages

Cassandra Clare: City of Bones
I might be a little bit addicted to these books because I'm clearly having a hard time waiting for City of Heavenly Fire. In order to make myself feel a little better I read the first novel in the series.

Clary is a normal girl with a normal life and an overprotective mother. An encouter in a night club changes all that when turns out she's not a normal human but a Shadowhunter. With the help from a Shadowhunter boy Jace and his family in the Institute Clary tries to find her missing mother and stop Valentine from getting the Mortal Cup.

City of Bones is a good opening for The Mortal Instrumen
ts series even if it sometimes is a bit silly. Cassandra Clare's favourite themes are quite clearly visible and I may have laughed at them at some point. The best part of this book is the fact that Clary is not yet annoying. She is way too emotional and without reasonable thinking ability but all the huge changes in her life prevent her from making her famous horrible decisions.

It's been a while since I last read City of Bones and I had completely forgotten how fun it is! Someone always has something hilarious and most often sarcastic to say even in the toughest situations. And what would this review be without a mention of Magnus. I just love him in case you couldn't tell.

You can find a movie review for the City of Bones made by me and Sezzie here. A word of warning: It is not very flattering.

4 ½ / 6 drawings of tea cups

Cassandra Clare: City of Bones, 2007, Walker Books, 512 pages

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